Saturday, 9 June 2012

Twitter Feed

Here's a rundown of all the interesting articles we found throughout the week!  For all the awesome links we share you can follow us on twitter @uWaterlooEcon!

My personal favourites are marked with a * be sure to check 'em out. haha.  -- Eric

Ghana and Financial Literacy via @Freakonomics
Taxes are BAD?!?  via Supply-Side Liberal
Pepsi and #Economics  via @mattyglesias
'Big Data' is calling your econometrics skills!  via @Inc

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Great Leaders Execute via @Inc @samuelbacharach
become a SUPERTEMP via @CBSNews
*Fix that uncontrollable tie!  via @Lifehacker
*Advice for new college grads! via Penelope Trunk
The Talent War via @FastCompany

Student Unemployment just dont drop out!

*Tampons for Men via @artofmanliness